Our story so far....or....Who's great idea was this?
Nick and Sarah Allen have been working together for over 20 years designing and making  glassware, furniture, lighting, buildings and beautiful interiors.
They moved from London in 2006 and finally, in 2009, found and repurposed an industrial building, formerly a workshop and maintenance depot to a water pumping station, where they live and work on one-off commissions.
In 2011, whilst working in Portland, Oregon USA, they were amazed by the brewing culture and attitudes towards customer service there and realised they had stumbled into the epicentre of craft brewing.
Driven by a new found appreciation for beer, they returned to Sussex with a new hobby - brewing! After a couple of years this hobby became Greyhound Brewery and provided them with yet another outlet for their creative passion and pursuit of excellence.
In 2017 they acquired the good will of Ballards Brewery, a brewery that Nick and Sarah knew and loved well before their own interest in brewing started having enjoyed at many local events in Sussex, and now proudly produce their delicious ales alongside the Greyhound range.
Always Gluten Free and Vegan Friendly!
All Our Beers are Gluten Free and Vegan Friendly!
In the autumn of 2019 we made a commitment to making all our beers gluten free and vegan friendly - quite simply we wanted everyone to be able to enjoy it!
To make our beer gluten free we add an enzyme during fermentation which breaks down the protein chains and helps reduce chill haze without affecting the taste, aroma or head retention of the beer!! All our beer is tested in-house using a lateral flow test to a standard below 5 parts per million (below 20ppm is considered gluten free).
To be vegan friendly we no longer use isinglass finings, so no animal products are used to make any of our beers....although all our spent grain does go to our local dairy farmer to supplement 'the girls' feed!
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